As soon as I realized that black soldier flies were present around my home I put some food scraps into a bucket with a lid and cut a few small holes into the sides.

my first bucket of black soldier fly bait

BSF will crawl through a small opening to access a food source for their eggs. They don’t eat in their winged stage which is referred to as the adult stage. In fact, they don’t even have fully functional mouths because they only live a few days, just long enough to mate and lay their eggs.

I initially put out dog food, cottage cheese, bread, and assorted fruits and vegetables. Note: You can and probably will also attract ants (and most importantly, dogs) with this type of mixture so do what you can to keep these undesirable animals out of the bait. Within a few hours I had a few ladies (female BSF) checking out the offering and depositing eggs.

black soldier fly laying eggs on cardboard

If you look at the left side of the bucket in this next image you can see a BSF just before it entered the bucket through the small hole.

black soldier flies entering bait bucket

Be sure to keep the container with your food scraps out of the direct sunlight or you may overheat the larvae. If this happens they will evacuate the container if possible and if not they may die. I learned this the hard way.

An established and properly balanced container of Black Soldier Fly larvae will not have a bad odor. BSFL will consume the food scraps so quickly that it doesn’t have time to develop the bacteria that causes bad odors. If you overload the colony with food it can begin to smell before it’s eaten. A two foot diameter (60 cm) BioPod can process several pounds of food scraps each day.

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