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The purpose of this post is to feature a blog that is valuable to anyone researching black soldier flies (Hermetia illucens). It’s called BioSystems Design and below is an excerpt from their “about” page.

About BioSystems Design.

BioSystems Design LLC. is dedicated to the transformation of what was previously considered waste into valuable products. Our institutional knowledge and designs are based on nature, as nature is the premier designer of BioSystems that use waste as production inputs.

A US company founded by Grant Canary in Portland, Oregon, our studies of nature and biosystems are conducted in Bogotá, Colombia, at our two research laboratories, with our prestigious partner organizations, La Universidad Nacional de Colombia and La Universidad de La Salle.

BioSystems Design LLC. maintains close partnerships with ESR International and Otterwasser Gmbh. Our commitment to ESR International is the design, construction, and operation of an industrial production process that feeds crop and food waste to larvae, harvests that larvae, cooks it, pulverizes it, and sells the high protein larvae-meal to animal feed producers.

Our commitment to the German wastewater consultancy, Otterwasser Gmbh, is to sell, build, and operate their innovative energy generation and wastewater treatment systems in the United States.

From the BioSystems Design blog:

A Primer on Black Soldier Fly

The following represents the “nuts and bolts” facts relevant to Black Soldier Fly cultivation which were found buried inside of research texts. The key distinguishing factor is that they are organized by environmental considerations (in bold). Where inconsistencies are found they are noted. Assistance, suggestions, along the lines of additional sources, inconsistencies, and added environmental considerations are highly welcome. I hope to make this a very active post.


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2 thoughts on “Black Soldier Fly cultivation – “nuts and bolts”

  • August 18, 2008 at 10:30 pm

    (Just realised I post here with ‘mosey’ – gets so confusing sometimes!) Thanks for the link to this weblog. It’s nice to see that someone has compiled research on Black Soldier Fly (is it ‘flies’ when we refer to more than one or just ‘Fly’ like ‘sheep’?) I’ll look forward to reading in more depth into the research.

  • August 18, 2008 at 10:40 pm

    You’re welcome to post with any name Mosey/Flick. :)

    Yes, I believe the plural form is flies, but then grammar ain’t my strong point.

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