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Gallery Viewing Tips
  • Click any thumbnail image to open the larger images.
  • Clicking “profile” or “site” in an image caption will take you to the forum profile or website of the contributor.
  • To view as a slideshow, click the “►” symbol in the lower right-hand corner of the photo viewer.
  • To share images via social networking, “mouse over” the image and the network icons will appear.
  • To view full sized images, right click an image and select “open image in new tab”.
  • To view the slideshow with larger images you may zoom in (before you click a thumbnail) by holding the “control” key down and then pressing the “+” key. Pressing control and “-” will zoom back out and control “0″ (zero) will take you back to the default size of your browser. This zoom process works with any webpage.
Submitting Photos
  • Whichever method you choose for submitting photos, please include any information you would like to publish with it. This can be your real or internet name, details about the photo, and your homepage or another webpage you would like to direct attention to such as a YouTube channel.
  • You may share original photos on this page simply by copying and pasting the URL for your photo in a comment.This will automatically create a link to the photo and we will adjust it so that it shows up in your comment.
  • You may email your submission to
  • You may post your photos at our forum (registration required) either with a URL or via direct upload to the forum. LINK

To read and share comments about BSF please navigate to our forum using the icon in the upper right corner of the page.

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