It’s a small world

A few days ago I went into Home Depot near my home to grab a nylon hose barb for a BSF composter I’m working on. I already had the other parts and only needed this one piece. When I got to that part of the store there was a young man and his father looking at fittings. They had someone from the store helping them and when asked what they were building, the son said “a black soldier fly composter”..

Attracting BSF – One mans garbage

In this post I want to focus on one of the techniques I previously recommended because I think it has some significant advantages. I’m referring to using your household garbage cans (you might know them as “bins”) as the attractant, and then collecting the eggs for transfer to the BSF composter for hatching.

DIY black soldier fly composter

This is a new black soldier fly composter design that combines both proven and unproven concepts. My hope is that the construction techniques might give you some ideas, and that the vertical drain system will be effective for more than just filtering the liquids. I chose a transparent tote because I have a theory that ultraviolet rays from indirect natural light might help control bacteria, as it does in a natural setting.

Sustainability-solar photovoltaic vs bio-conversion with BSF

We often think of solar photo-voltaic generation of electricity as a prime example of sustainable technology, but how does it compare to bio-conversion represented by black soldier fly larvae (BSFL)? I think using virtually unlimited solar radiation to produce energy is significantly better that using fossil fuels, however, I believe using BSFL to convert waste into food (animal feed) is an even better model of sustainability.

BSF blog update

Lately I’ve been inconsistent with responses to emails and comments, and I would like to explain. Currently there are several health issues that my family is dealing with and it has taken my focus off of this blog to a large extent. I stopped raising BSF for starter kits a few months ago for the same reason. I’ve been spending…