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Why Salmon Eating Insects Instead of Fish Is Better
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Author:  BorealWormer [ Wed Feb 07, 2018 11:43 am ]
Post subject:  Why Salmon Eating Insects Instead of Fish Is Better

Why Salmon Eating Insects Instead of Fish Is Better for Environment ... therlands/


Most of the salmon that consumers eat is raised in pens, where they are fed a specific diet that helps them grow. In the past, much of that diet has been based on fish meal, a protein and nutrient-rich mixture made from fish that were caught expressly for the purpose of feeding them to other fish.

That practice has drawn criticism from conservationists, however, who point out that it’s an inefficient process that contributes to overfishing and the bycatch of sensitive marine organisms like whales and sea turtles....

... Starting in 2014, teams at Protix researched different types of insects. Eventually, they discovered that the black soldier fly has a large amount of protein stored during its larvae stage because the fly doesn’t eat once it is hatched.

Salmon, which are notoriously picky, liked the food made from the black soldier flies better than the other alternatives....

... A major concern that companies like Protix are facing is the scale that’s needed for insect-based feed to be successful in the aquaculture industry.

“The current demand for fish meal is approximately 6 million tons per year,” Cashion says. “[If] the idea is to replace that 100 percent with insect feed or insect meal of various kinds, we need a lot of it. The current production as I understand it is not there, but this is obviously a fairly new kind of industry.”

He wonders if it is feasible to meet that kind of demand in a timely fashion, and says its success also depends on the price of the insect-based feed.

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