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The Bug-Filled Future of Feed
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Author:  BorealWormer [ Tue Mar 06, 2018 11:51 am ]
Post subject:  The Bug-Filled Future of Feed

The Bug-Filled Future of Feed
Insects are poised to reinvent industrial animal agriculture.
James McWilliams Mar 6, 2018

Excepts which include a link to our blog :)

... But the one insect that holds the most promise is a metallic-looking, bug-eyed, and cosmopolitan critter known as the black soldier fly.

Not only fish, but also chickens, pigs, and cattle all stand to benefit from the consumption of black soldier fly larvae. Preyer notes that black soldier flies "upcycle nutrition that would otherwise go to a landfill." She's talking about the entomologically unprecedented capacity of these insects to break down organic matter. Imagine if that organic matter happens to be pre-production food waste and you can quickly envision a food system where black soldier flies transfer waste (the U.S. makes almost as much food waste as food) into feed that provides land-based farmed animals a more natural and healthy source of nutrition than the ecologically destructive corn and soy currently used to bring these creatures to slaughter weight. Further consider that black soldier flies are neither vectors for disease nor agricultural pests and it does indeed seem inevitable that corn and soy farmers will soon be quaking in their combines.

Externalities considered, black soldier flies are cheaper to produce than corn and soy. They are also more ecologically efficient and nutritious. And their benefit is more democratic: They can help industrial producers as well as the small-scale animal farmers serving niche markets. Those good-guy farmers already exploiting food waste streams to feed their herds will benefit immensely from the black soldier fly.

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