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 Bacteria Mediate Oviposition by the Black Soldier Fly 
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Post Bacteria Mediate Oviposition by the Black Soldier Fly ... 02563.html ... p02563.pdf

Bacteria Mediate Oviposition by the Black Soldier Fly, Hermetia illucens (L.), (Diptera: Stratiomyidae)

Published 02 September 2013

Longyu Zheng1, Tawni L. Crippen, Leslie Holmes, Baneshwar Singh, Meaghan L. Pimsler, M. Eric Benbow, Aaron M. Tarone, Scot Dowd, Ziniu Yu, Sherah L. Vanlaerhoven,Thomas K. Wood, Jeffery K. Tomberlin

There can be substantial negative consequences for insects colonizing a resource in the presence of competitors. We hypothesized that bacteria, associated with an oviposition resource and the insect eggs deposited on that resource, serve as a mechanism regulating subsequent insect attraction, colonization, and potentially succession of insect species. We isolated and identified bacterial species associated with insects associated with vertebrate carrion and used these bacteria to measure their influence on the oviposition preference of adult black soldier flies which utilizes animal carcasses and is an important species in waste management and forensics. We also ascertained that utilizing a mixture of bacteria, rather than a single species, differentially influenced behavioral responses of the flies, as did bacterial concentration and the species of fly from which the bacteria originated. These studies provide insight into interkingdom interactions commonly occurring during decomposition, but not commonly studied.

Interesting in that a mixed population of certain types of bacteria will attract BSF to oviposit. Dr. Tomberlin notes in a speech (link) that a prepared culture of these bacteria could be used to attract BSF to a new system/bin.


I Believe The Black Soldier Fly Has The Potential To Be A Beneficial Insect Second Only To Pollinating Bees

Mon Sep 23, 2013 1:35 am
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Post Re: Bacteria Mediate Oviposition by the Black Soldier Fly
The following may help laymen understand what are called insect endo-symbionts (bacteria from the insect's gut). I am not citing an insect study, unfortunately, of the black soldier fly.
Quote: "..symbiotic ... specialized cells...bacteriocytes or mycetocytes... aggregate into symbiotic organ (bacteriome/mycetome)... physiological roles ...(&)...transmitted to... next generation in...maternal body (early... oogenesis/embryogenesis)... integrated into ...developmental process ... genetic attributes of...transmitted symbionts ...responsible for ... traits...many, if not all...obligate endo-symbionts belong to... bacterial group...γ3-subclass of the Proteobacteria (Enterobacteriaceae)... (at egg laying) symbiont capsules are deposited on...egg masses...."
Source = (2006) "Strict Host-Symbiont Cospeciation & Reproductive Genome Evolution in Insect Gut Bacteria"; full free text = ... io.0040337
And some laymen may find the following useful for orientation to certain technical details when reading BorealWormer's original link starting this thread. Quote (again from "Strict Host-Symbiont Cospeciation & Reproductive Genome Evolution in Insect Gut Bacteria"): " (evolution of symbiont tied to evolution of host) ...causing AT-biased nucleotide composition (comment: AT-bias means there are less G & C nucleotides at gene codons & the significance is this "bias" limits the probability that mutations will occur in any symbionts which co-evolved with BSF the mother passes along to next generation)...size/shape of ...symbiont vary depending ...developmental stages...& locations in ... host insect."

Now, I'd like to point out something here; moderators/others, with a more comprehensive overview of Forum threads, may find it relevant to cross post in appropriate discussions. It is a sleeper of a sentence in the original post linked to by BorealWormer where those authors allude to a popular BSF report; namely, (2007) "Fish Offal Recycling by the Black Soldier Fly Produces a Foodstuff High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids", from J. World Aqua. Soc. 38, pgs. 309–313; freely available online as an abstract. Well, the abstract does not show a key point that deserves being brought to the attention of those fans of this Forum who missed it - especially those intrigued by what/how much to feed their larvae.
Quote (Discussion section, "Bacteria Mediate Oviposition by the Black Soldier Fly"): ...(BSF fed)..."...On animal tissue...development is greatly retarded with larvae needing an extra two weeks to complete development...."

Tue Apr 15, 2014 3:49 am
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Post Re: Bacteria Mediate Oviposition by the Black Soldier Fly
EDIT: delete from 1st sentence phrase "...(bacteria from the insect's gut)....". Terminology with the prefix endo- is more using it like shorthand for "inside-...".

Tue Apr 15, 2014 12:33 pm
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