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 Adult flies not mating. 
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Post Adult flies not mating.
Hi all, something for you BSF detectives out there, please help in what has become a frustrating project for me, more than likely down to human error as nature does not let an opportunity to populate without the frailties of human intervention!!

A bit of a background, I live in Thailand where we have just gone from summer to the rainy season, my first purchased batch of BSF pupae arrived dry and dead through the post, although the supplier said they would hatch in due course, I waited 2 weeks to no avail and got the supplier to send a kilo of larvae which they duly did.

I placed the larvae into a 25 gallon fish pond with required food, moisture and migration facilitator, after a week or so the larvae migrated into a container that I collected every 2 days, labeled the boxes with dates and placed into ‘peat’ and leave clutter, spraying lightly just to stop drying out.

During the wait I built a 2 meter high, 1 meter square wired enclosure ready for the flies, this was duly fitted securely over the top of the 25 gallon fish pond, I placed an hessian (coffee) sack at the bottom with some straw to keep the humidity constant, the boxes of pupae were in my house kept away from strong sunlight or the heat of the day, spraying just once a day to keep a humidity.

Whilst waiting for the pupae to pupate to adulthood I placed plants, water trough ( with netting to prevent drowning), a couple of containers with chicken feed, coffee grounds and some dead fish into the netted enclosure to start the ‘attraction’ process, I placed sufficient cardboard egg collectors above the food, no other flies or pests could get into the secured enclosure.

After waiting the required days I noticed the first labeled box had around 10 flies walking around and decided that I would now place all the boxes into the enclosure as all the pupae should ‘hatch’ within the coming week, giving a steady flow of new bsf’s over that week, once inside the housing I could no longer open the front opening as the flies would escape, I had built an opening at the rear with a small netted opening for maintenance, storing the food and adding water to the trough etc.

As thought over the next few days many flies pupated, I would say in the region of 1 to 1200 flies, the temperature was around 30c during the day and 20c at night, I missed the netted enclosure every couple of hours along with the plants, because of the rainy season I had placed the enclosure under cover, however whenever I could I pulled the enclosure into direct sunlight for 5-8 hours daily, ensuring it was not too hot by spraying when necessary, when ever I placed into direct sunlight the flies duly flew around, but, and here’s the rub, not one pair hooked up, not one.

I have checked every site I can, I appear to have done what I should, this is where I need help in finding how I have interrupted natures process by my frailty.

A couple of things;

I lot of the flies have stayed at the bottom of the enclosure, walking around the straw and sack, many have died there, I only lost 4 flies to the water depth, water that I sprayed daily to freshen up. Some of the flies have walked over the food, many have died there, the flies have been joined by 5 moths, not parasitic or the like, probably picked up in the leaf litter or eggs on the placed plants, they do not bother the flies.

The cardboard depositories have not one batch of eggs, not surprising as no adults have joined together, I am down to what must be the last 150 flies that I have just placed into the sunlight, they are flying around but not joining.

Whilst i understand this is my first time and I’m sure am on a learning curve, having built what amounts to a bird Avery, spending monies and a vast amount of time I need to know where I have failed where others have succeeded, I have the perfect weather, humidity is around 60-70%, temperature is correct and housing adequate, where did I go wrong.

I would love to post vids and pictures onto this topic but will need help on that.

Please give advice, spare me any personal comments about my spelling, words or paraphrases, I just need help.

Many thanks for you kind anticipated help in this matter.


Thanks, TOM.

Tue Jun 04, 2019 11:35 pm
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Post Re: Adult flies not mating.
Like you, I've had no success with an outdoor cage. I could never get enough humidity. You must keep it around 60-80% RH.
I have much better luck with an indoor box (60 x 60 x 60 cm) using CFL lamps, providing ± 10,000 lumens.
Also, don't bother with fish. Rather use soft soggy fruit, damp bread, dog food, etc.

Read the topic on Small Scale Indoor Breeding viewtopic.php?f=17&t=46

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Tue Jun 11, 2019 9:23 am
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