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 Newcomer from Uruguay 
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Post Newcomer from Uruguay
Hello dear readers.
I'd like to introduce myself as an almost accidental BSF raiser.

I've been for long time interested in raising my own garden farm. Unsuccessful with the years I've got interest in hidroponia, which developed into a bigger interedt in aquaponia, altough I never actually started a system I've been learning a lot around in internet with the clear intention of doing it one day.
I also tried a worm composter, which at first seemed to go good, but suddenly one day my worms died and I felt really bad about it, so I left the experience down for a while.
In the meantime reading and watching videos about compost and aquaponia eventually got me to information about BSF. Wow! It seemed amazing, the cycle would be closed to feed the fish in an aquaponic system. And waste would be decomposed fast, organically... just amazing the ways nature works, I thought, and how humans can use this for good if they really want to.
As six months ago or so, I felt frustrated because I saw the map of sightings you are building and there is almost no sightings around, none in Uruguay.
So I thought my only way would be to buy them from internet, but probably I would have had troubles to pass it through customs into my country. So I left the idea behind... such a pitty...

It started to be a pretty hot and humid summer since ends of january.
and then... almost finishing january I was doing something in my kitchen when I heard a clear "bzzz bzzz" by the window... without looking first I thought "a bee? a very big fly?" I turned to it "Oh a wasp!!" I took something to squeeze it without letting it bite me. I got closer ready to ultimate it... but then I noticed it had no sting... and suddenly all my readings about BSF came to my mind! I took a second look just in case for the missing sting, it was ok! So I dropped what I had in my hand took a glass and some paper and got it.
I run to my pc with the glass well covered to check if it really was, I was so sure! and It definitely looked like a BSF.
So I quickly found a little icecream box (about 12x20x10 cm) and quickly set-up a mini place for the newcomer to stay while I researched deeper the web.

While researching I made sure there was good air flow and that it wouldn't just fly away and put a sheet of cardboard for laying eggs by the top of the wall. It was all I remembered at that time.

Then as I started reading I realized I had to be sure to give some humidity, but I knew it wasn't necessary to add food, so what should I add?
I started googling about them laying their eggs... and sudenly a feeling of sadness caught me... maybe it was a male.... maybe it was a dieing female which would not lay any eggs, or she was not even pregnant... I kept reading, I already had added her something very similar to coffee which is the remains of the "yerba mate" very popular in this part of South America. It is wet, it was still warm. for some reasonI mixed it with a bit of soil and some vegetable leftovers, very little, but enough to create a wet environment in mini scale. As I continued my readings and watching some videos I let it be in there... and at some point I saw he/she decided to sting his/her tail in between the cardboard and the wall of the box. I was intrigued... what is it doing? I looked for pictures of females laying their eggs... yes! that was it! The little lady was giving me a nice handful of eggs. I was so overwhelmed and excited!

So as you can see, by february 3rd I became the proud grandmother of a good quantity of little larvae. Sadly the mother didn't get to know them as she passed away one or two days before. It was such an incredible coincidence, that she got to me, ready to give me her eggs. I don't know if I have let her free, would she have found a male and put more eggs around... maybe... but oh well.

As days passed I made up a bigger house with more commodities for my little partners following the advices of this forum. It may not be perfect, but it's doing it's job. They are eating a lot and growing fast.

I'm still learning to control the amount of humidity and food I give them. Today I killed a larvae which was of the house fly as I just learnt from the post of the forum to id larvaes you are not looking for. So I added some brown things, leaves, small pieces of rotting wood, and palm tree leaf leftovers that when dry looks almost like coco fiber (I wish my palm was a coco palm :-D)

Well, I'm not that much of a photographer, but I'll try to take some to upload here in the next days. Sadly I don't have a pic of the mother, but the way it looked and the development of the worms looks exactly as a BSF so far.

Sorry for such a long presentation letter, I didn't imagine it would be this long :-)
But it's nice to be here, with my little BSF farm learning from all your posts and hoping to give something in return.

Wed Feb 17, 2016 3:29 am
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Post Re: Newcomer from Uruguay
Welcome kstenger and thank you for the long account of your experiences with BSF. Looking forward to seeing your photos.


I Believe The Black Soldier Fly Has The Potential To Be A Beneficial Insect Second Only To Pollinating Bees

Wed Feb 17, 2016 12:33 pm
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Post Re: Newcomer from Uruguay
kstenger wrote:
Hello dear readers.
I'd like to introduce myself as an almost accidental BSF raiser.

Saludos de Venezuela, si aun esta investigando con la BSF, me gustarĂ­a intercambiar experiencia.

(Greetings from Venezuela, if you are still investigating with the BSF, I would like to exchange experience.)

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