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Frank Aragona of The Agroinnovations Podcast interviewed me for the second time about black soldier fly culturing. Our first interview was over four years earlier, and we wanted to cover some of the recent developments in BSF technology. I’m not very comfortable during the interviews, but I did my best… 😉 is a great source of information regarding sustainable agriculture. In addition to this podcast you can find other episodes that I think you’ll find very interesting.

The Agroinnovations Podcast

Episode #141: The Return of the Black Soldier Fly

Frank is joined once again by Jerry of Jerry gets us up to speed on recent developments in the BSF space, the basics of BSF composting, his new composter design, and some of the advantages of working with black soldier flies. Part I of II.

Episode #142: The Black Soldier Fly Concluded

Frank concludes his interview with Jerry of  Topics of discussion include commercial applications for BSF, the global coverage of BSF, the potential for BSF to serve as a source of protein for humans, and how people living in places besides North America can acquire the black soldier fly larvae.  The episode concludes with a discussion and response to a recent article on

Below is the first interview from February of 2010

Episode #78: The Black Soldier Fly (Part I)

The Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) has many remarkable characteristics that make it useful to human beings. In this episode, I am joined by Jerry of Jerry and I discuss the life cycle, morphological characteristics, and population dynamics of the Black Soldier Fly. We also discuss strategies for attracting and managing a healthy colony. This is Part I in a two part series.

Episode #79: The Black Soldier Fly (Part II)

In the second part of my interview with Jerry from, we discuss use of BSF for decomposing manures, including human manure, the quality and volume of compost produced, fly larva as the primary product of BSF composting, biological racism against the Black Soldier Fly, and BSF with California Red Worms.