three life stages of the black soldier fly

three life stages of the black soldier fly


Black soldier flies (BSF) are a widespread, harmless, and beneficial insect. BSF can not bite or sting, and unlike pest flies, they are not vectors of human diseases. This is due to their unique life cycle. The adults (winged stage) only live a few days for the purpose of mating and therefore do not migrate between waste matter and humans or their food as pest flies do. To learn more you may read: “Black soldier flies are not vectors of human pathogens


BSF larvae (BSFL) or “grubs” are uniquely suited to serve humans. While the BSF adults only live for a few days their larvae can live for several weeks, and during that time they can consume huge quantities of food waste or manure. Consequently they are very well suited to process the constant stream of rotting waste that we humans produce as well as manure produced by livestock, but that’s only half of the story. There are two useful byproducts of this process; the residue or castings which can be used as a soil amendment, and the larvae themselves which represent an excellent source of food for many types of animals including fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians and more. BSFL are already commonly used as food for exotic pets and the potential exists for large scale use on a commercial basis. If you like to fish, BSFL are also fantastic bait: LINK


If you haven’t seen them in action, you’ll be amazed when you get to see what these beneficial insect larvae can do. The quickest way to appreciate BSFL in action is to visit YouTube and watch a few videos. You can find my channel here: BlackSoldierFly

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